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Lasik Eye Surgery BostonWe want our patients throughout North Shore and Woburn MA to understand what LASIK Surgery means. LASIK is an acronym for Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis, a name that refers to the use of a laser to reshape the cornea. It corrects vision by reshaping the cornea (outer window of the eye) so that light rays focus more precisely on the retina, thereby reducing or eliminating refractive errors. There is typically little or no post-operative discomfort. Recovery is fast, and complications are extremely rare if
performed by an experienced LASIK surgeon.


Lasik Surgery step 1STEP 1

Using WaveScan technology, we take a “fingerprint” of your eye and your entire visual path that is called a WavePrint map. This detailed information is evaluated by the surgeon. For the Custom procedure this information is transferred to the laser.

Lasik Surgery step 2STEP 2

Using the microkeratome with our Basic & Custom LASIK Plans or the IFS Intralase laser with All-Laser Custom LASIK, the surgeon creates a small protective flap that is gently lifted back.

Lasik Surgery step 3STEP 3

The surgeon then uses an excimer laser to apply a cool beam of light, which gently reshapes the cornea allowing images to be more sharply focused by the retina.

Lasik Surgery step 4STEP 4

Finally, the protective flap that was created in Step Two is gently placed back in its original position and begins to heal immediately.

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Avant LASIK Spa has developed an open-access policy allowing outside ophthalmologists to perform surgeries within our surgery center. If you are a refractive surgeon interested in using this option, please contact our Center Director at 781-281-7950.
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