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Lasik Eye Surgery and Vision correction Boston

The human eye is powerful — at its healthiest, it can simultaneously perceive objects up close and at a distance and switch focus between the two depending on what demands your attention. Whether you’re reading, driving, or working, your eyes work simultaneously to perceive your surroundings and pick up visual cues that allow you to respond accordingly. But what happens when you can’t see clearly?

Laser eye surgery at Avant LASIK Spa helps you recover from a range of vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia and can ease your dependence on glasses and lenses to see clearly and eliminate the need for frequent upgrades to match your evolving vision needs. LASIK allows you to take off your glasses for good — and see the world through your own eyes again.

About LASIK Eye Surgery & Vision Correction


Lasik Eye Surgery BostonWe want our patients throughout North Shore and Woburn MA to understand what LASIK Surgery means. LASIK is an acronym for Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis, a name that refers to the use of a laser to reshape the cornea. It corrects vision by reshaping the cornea (outer window of the eye) so that light rays focus more precisely on the retina, thereby reducing or eliminating refractive errors. There is typically little or no post-operative discomfort. Recovery is fast, and complications are extremely rare if
performed by an experienced LASIK surgeon.


Lasik Surgery step 1STEP 1

Using WaveScan technology, we take a “fingerprint” of your eye and your entire visual path that is called a WavePrint map. This detailed information is evaluated by the surgeon. For the Custom procedure this information is transferred to the laser.

Lasik Surgery step 2STEP 2

Using the microkeratome with our Basic & Custom LASIK Plans or the IFS Intralase laser with All-Laser Custom LASIK, the surgeon creates a small protective flap that is gently lifted back.

Lasik Surgery step 3STEP 3

The surgeon then uses an excimer laser to apply a cool beam of light, which gently reshapes the cornea allowing images to be more sharply focused by the retina.

Lasik Surgery step 4STEP 4

Finally, the protective flap that was created in Step Two is gently placed back in its original position and begins to heal immediately.

Vision Correction With Lasik

With little to no post-op pain, fast results, and quickly restored vision, LASIK eye surgery can correct the most common vision problems caused by refractive errors and impact the quality of life of countless people:

  • Myopia: also known as nearsightedness, caused by the eyeball being slightly longer than normal, or when the cornea curves sharply, which results in light rays focusing largely in front of the retina and blurring distant objects
  • Hyperopia: the opposite of nearsightedness, farsightedness occurs when the eyeball is shorter than average or if the cornea is too flat, so much that light focuses behind the retina and near vision is blurred
  • Astigmatism: occurs when the cornea is curved unevenly, which disrupts the focus of both near and distant vision
  • Presbyopia: also known as ageing eyes, or blurred vision and difficulty focusing on up-close objects due to the normal ageing process, and is typically treated with reading glasses.

Reduce The Risks of LASIK Eye Surgery

Avant Lasik eye surgery in Boston

While laser eye surgery delivers promising results and largely improved quality of life, doctors recognize common risks that come with this surgery. In particular, LASIK has been observed to cause moderate post-op pain, hazy vision during recovery, and regression to previous refractive error. Other potential complications like dry eyes, poor quality of night vision, corneal ectasia or weakening and bulging of the cornea, and corneal infection may arise.

To prevent or minimize these risks, take time to discuss your medical history, lifestyle, and occupation with your eye surgeon. Ensure that you are a good candidate despite pre-existing conditions, activities that may cause the flap to dislocate, and specific vision requirements in employment.

Guaranteed Results With The Latest Technologies And Procedures in Boston

Laser eye surgery clinics in Boston, Massachusetts may follow the same LASIK procedures, but Avant Lasik Spa goes above and beyond to restore your vision health. Our highly-trained eye surgeons ensure this by offering a comprehensive vision care package.

Before Your LASIK Surgery

Are you a good candidate for laser eye surgery? Our laser eye surgery clinic uses wave front-guided technology to take several accurate measurements of your cornea and its shape, contour, and thickness to note irregularities that can be treated by LASIK.

During LASIK Eye Surgery

The best part about LASIK is speed — the procedure only takes 30 minutes to complete once numbing drops are administered, and a small, hinged flap at the front of the eye is folded back to access the cornea.

Laser beams are then deployed to remove damaged corneal tissue and reshape the cornea to correct refractive errors. All you need to do is focus on the point of light to keep your eyes fixed while the laser reshapes the cornea. After this, your surgeon will lay the flap back into place — because it’s so small it doesn’t even require stitches to heal.

LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

While minor post-op side effects such as itchiness, slight burning, or watery and gritty sensations are common, these will quickly go away. There is a short window wherein your vision will be blurred as the eyes adjust to the reshaped cornea and reveal a clear vision. Remember that these are part of the normal healing process and should resolve quickly on their own, as long as you follow your eye surgeon’s post-op care instructions.

LASIK eye surgery is most successful for patients with lower grades of nearsightedness, while advanced refractive errors and astigmatism may require further correction to treat the slight initial undercorrection. Very rarely do patients experience regression — if so, this may be caused by other vision problems, such as cataracts, and can be treated in another procedure to fully restore your vision and quality of life.

Why Choose Avant LASIK Spa?

Avant LASIK Spa is a leader among laser eye surgery clinics in Boston simply because we value patient care above anything else. Our highly-trained eye surgeons are dedicated to protecting and restoring every patient’s vision health using state-of-the-art laser eye surgery technology and a patient-focused approach to determining the best treatment for every case including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Simply, our goal is a fast, painless, and hassle-free procedure using cutting-edge technology to restore your excellent quality of life that starts with seeing the world around you clearly.

At our LASIK eye surgery clinic, we take pride in delivering excellent patient care through convenient consultations, personalized care, experienced surgeons, and cutting-edge laser technology. We are committed to delivering excellent results that improve your quality of life, starting with restoring optimal vision and ensure that cost never becomes a barrier to the healthcare you deserve. Trust Avant LASIK Spa for life-changing laser eye surgery, and reap the countless lifestyle, career, and overall health benefits of clear vision.

Benefits and risks of LASIK eye surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is fast and painless, with instant results — no wonder it’s the preferred vision correction treatment in Boston, Massachusetts and the most successful in eliminating the physical, occupational, and lifestyle restrictions imposed by dependence on glasses and lenses.

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