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20/20 Vision Assurance

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20/20 Vision Assurance

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2020AssuranceIconREVWhile many LASIK surgeons across the U.S. and here within the Boston, MA metro area base their surgical successes on a 20/40 outcome, Avant LASIK Spa sees things differently. Our goal is to help our patients achieve their expectations, and for most that is a 20/20 result. This is one reason we offer our exclusive 20/20 LASIK Assurance Plan. This plan is our commitment to the excellence of your results that if you do not achieve a 20/20 or better outcome after your first treatment, we will provide medically appropriate enhancements at no cost. The 20/20 LASIK Assurance Plan is one more way Avant LASIK Spa is changing the way you look at better vision.

Superior outcomes

99ResultsIconAlthough no one’s vision is the same as the next, and results can vary, we are committed to not only delivering unsurpassed results but also to consistently document and share our outcomes with our patients.

By providing advanced LASIK technology and experienced surgeons, a thorough evaluation process and first class patient care, 99% of Dr. Sheth’s Total Clarity LASIK patients achieved 20/20 vision or better!*

*20/20 Assurance Plan is an additional cost. Medical outcomes cannot be guaranteed for any medical procedure and individual results vary. Results based on 2013 iLASIK procedures through September. Read here for more information about LASIK risks.
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Avant LASIK Spa has developed an open-access policy allowing outside ophthalmologists to perform surgeries within our surgery center. If you are a refractive surgeon interested in using this option, please contact our Center Director at 781-281-7950.
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