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Your LASIK Day

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Your LASIK Eye Care Day

When you arrive at Avant LASIK Spa

We will get you checked in and complete your final paperwork.

Preparing for the procedure…

Preparing for LASIK surgery BostonYou will be given an oral relaxation medication while we complete some final testing. Then you will settle into a comfortable recliner in our pre-operative suite.

We will administer eye drops, including numbing drops to prepare your eyes for your treatment.

When it’s time for your procedure…

LaserSuite avant lasik spa BostonYou can expect to be in our state-of-the-art laser suite for around 15 minutes. Since it is temperature-controlled to optimize the laser efficiency, it may be chilly but our caring
staff will provide you with a warm blanket.

Your surgeon will walk you through each step of the
procedure. It will only take about 4-7 minutes per eye. During this time you will focus on a light. But not to worry, a gentle device will hold your eye open and the technology we’ve invested in tracks your eye movements along all three axes and centers the laser onto your eye at all times. You will feel slight pressure on your eye during the procedure but no pain.

And you’re done!

After your procedure…

After LASIK surgery BostonWe will walk you back to the post-operative area to rest your eyes and have one final check before heading home. Immediately following the procedure, patients often describe their vision as if looking through water, steam or fog.

You can expect your vision to be blurry for a few hours while you begin to heal. We strongly recommend heading home and resting or napping for at least a few hours to encourage the healing process.

We will provide eye drops for you to use with instructions and protective goggles for when you sleep to avoid rubbing your eyes.

The next day…

Wake up to a whole new world! Most patients experience a dramatic improvement in their vision the next day, however it may take several weeks to a few months to realize your full visual results.

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Avant LASIK Spa has developed an open-access policy allowing outside ophthalmologists to perform surgeries within our surgery center. If you are a refractive surgeon interested in using this option, please contact our Center Director at 781-281-7950.
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