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LASIK Eye Treatment Technology

Lasik Eye Treatment Technology


VISX STAR S4 IR LASERAvant LASIK Spa is committed to offering you the most advanced in vision correction technology. It is important to remember the type of laser your doctor uses can dramatically affect your level of satisfaction with LASIK. Our surgeons use the VISX Star S4 IR Laser, which has many exclusive features, including:

  •   Variable Spot Scanning (VSS) – Produces seven variable sized treatment beams, offering greater flexibility for faster, smoother procedures.
  •   3D ActiveTrak™ – Automatically tracks the subtle movement of your eyes in all three dimensions providing additional control and precision.
  •   Iris Registration – Aligns and adjusts the laser to compensate for rotation in the eye that occurs when a patient lies down during the procedure, improving the precision of the vision correction.

At Avant LASIK Spa we offer all of these exclusive technologies to provide a safer, more precise approach to your vision correction.


VISX CUSTOMVUEWith this system, we can actually treat more than simple nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. CustomVue allows us to analyze your eyes’ specific irregularities with 25 times more accuracy than standard measurements used for glasses and contacts. This completely customized laser eye surgery gives you the potential to see better than you ever have with contacts or glasses, with many patients reporting less glare and improved night vision.

Intralase IFS Laser

Intralase IFS LaserThe advanced IntraLase technology allows us to perform a 100% all-laser approach to LASIK, including in our LASIK eye surgery Massachusetts services, by creating the corneal flap with the safety and accuracy of a computer-controlled, cool beam laser. By replacing the blade in the first step of the procedure, our surgeon is able to produce a safer and more precise way of customizing your entire LASIK treatment.

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Avant LASIK Spa has developed an open-access policy allowing outside ophthalmologists to perform surgeries within our surgery center. If you are a refractive surgeon interested in using this option, please contact our Center Director at 781-281-7950.
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