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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of LASIK?

As with any medical procedure, there are always risks. However, by selecting an experienced surgeon who uses the most advanced technology and ensures a proper and thorough screen, your risks decrease significantly. We urge our patients to be informed and will discuss the individual risks and possible side effects during first consultation. You may also read more here.

Does LASIK hurt?

Because the cornea is easily numbed with anesthetic eye drops, patients report little, if any discomfort both during and after the procedure.

What if my eye moves during the treatment or I blink?

During the procedure a device will gently hold your eyelids open, which will prevent you from blinking. In addition, at Avant LASIK Spa the laser we use involves advanced eye tracking technology. The laser will be constantly and minutely adjusted to the position of your eye at any given time. In fact, the technology used at Avant LASIK Spa was the first FDA-approved tracker to track eye movements along all 3 axes. If, at any time, your eye moves too quickly or out of range, the laser will pause and wait for your eye to move back into position.

When can I return to work, drive and to my normal activities?

You can resume most normal activities such as driving, working or walking, the day after your procedure. Exercising and more vigorous activities can be resumed after the first week. For women, eye makeup cannot be worn for one week.

When will I be able to see after the procedure?

Most patients notice an immediate improvement in their vision and have functional vision within the first 24 hours. Full visual results are typically realized after several weeks, however individual results may vary.

Will I need to wear glasses once my eyes have healed after LASIK?

Most patients who have had LASIK at Avant LASIK Spa do not need glasses for their daily activities. However, those over 40 years old may still need to wear reading glasses because of the normal aging process of the eye. This condition, known as presbyopia, progresses as one gets older. For qualified candidates, MonoVision LASIK can be performed to lessen dependence on reading glasses. Talk to our doctors about the presbyopia-correcting options available at Avant LASIK Spa.

What follow-up care is necessary?

Generally you have a follow-up scheduled for day 1, week 1, month 1 and 3-6 months following LASIK, although more frequent visits may be necessary and are included for the first 6 months following your procedure. We encourage patients to have a yearly dilated eye exam 1 year from the date of their consultation but this is not part of the LASIK follow-up care and would be covered by your medical plan. Regular eye examinations are essential for maintaining healthy eyesight.

How much does LASIK cost?

Unlike many centers, Avant LASIK Spa provides honest and upfront pricing alongside many affordable, zero percent interest and low monthly payment plans – the approval process is easy and confidential. Prior to your procedure, you will meet with our friendly patient counselor who will answer any questions you may have about fees and payment plans. For additional convenience, we also accept cash, check or credit cards. Many patients are pleased to find they can use their flexible spending (FSA) dollars as an additional, pre-tax way to save on LASIK eye surgery in Boston. Please ask an Avant LASIK Spa staff member for more information.

Who is a good candidate for laser vision correction?

An ideal candidate for LASIK should:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Have had a stable prescription for at least one year
  • Have eyes free of diseases or scarring
  • Be in good general health
  • Have reasonable expectations

Who is not a good candidate for LASIK?

  • Anyone whose prescription has changed more than one diopter in the last year.
  • Pregnant or nursing mothers
  • Patients with untreated or previous eye diseases or conditions such as Keratoconus
  • Some autoimmune diseases that prevent proper healing
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