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To Dr. Sheth and the Entire Staff at Avant LASIK Spa,
Saying “THANK YOU” just doesn’t seem like enough for giving me my eyesight. Twenty-five plus years of wearing glasses and contacts is a long time and now not only can I see without them but I have 20/15 vision! It’s truly a miracle.

Being a mother of three, I often have to wake up throughout the night and now being able to just open my eyes, see and go is SUCH a treat. I truly can’t verbalize how big of a difference the LASIK eye surgery in massachusetts has made in my life. No more contacts/glasses, no more hassle. Time and money saved. I’ll be able to enjoy going to the gym, laying in the sun, boating, swimming, skiing, and so much more now that I won’t have to worry about my eyes.

I had contemplated LASIK surgery for many years and finally decided enough was enough, and I’m so glad I did. The procedure itself only took 10-15 mins and the prep was minimal. I highly recommend using the Restasis eye drops and Refresh eye drops as long as you can prior to surgery. I had my consultation two weeks prior to surgery, got the drops I needed shortly after and used the drops religiously for one week leading up to surgery. It definitely helped prep my eyes and ease my recovery time. Yes, the procedure itself is a bit uncomfortable but it’s over in no time. Yes, you have to remain awake for the procedure but they give you medication to relieve your anxiety and nerves. No need for pain meds after. I went directly home from surgery, my eyes were sore and uncomfortable (but certainly tolerable), took a two hour nap and felt so much better after I woke up. The next morning there was no more pain or discomfort whatsoever. The eyes do feel dry and gritty first upon waking each morning but as soon as the drops are in they improve and go back to normal. Aside from being blurry from the eye drops and plastic protective shields they put on you during surgery you can literally and suddenly see as soon as you get up off the chair. It’s bizarre but so cool!

The center itself is clean, comfortable and inviting with soothing spa music, therapeutic water fountain and beverage station. And right off 128 so it’s easy to get to. The staff is wonderful and make the entire process smooth and easy. Throughout my consultation and post op follow-up visits I never felt rushed or in the way. They always made me feel welcome and happy to see me. During the research phase I had gone to other laser centers prior to this one and what impressed me the most about Avant was the three hour in-depth and all inclusive consultation. I felt very informed and confident that they knew what they were doing.
So to all of those people out there contemplating LASIK surgery, I highly recommend checking out Avant LASIK Spa and hopefully you’ll have a great experience too. Good luck!!


- Nicole Quin

My LASIK experience with Avant was excellent! I no longer have to deal with annoying contacts or glasses! I am in Army ROTC and I hope to become an aviation officer when I commission next year – that would not have been possible without Dr. Sheth and Avant and now my eyes meet the Army’s vision standards!

- Ryan Christiano, April 2018

I have a great experience at Avant LASIK Spa. ll the doctors were very experienced and made me feel very comfortable. The office was very clean and professional. The procedure was quick and painless and I can see perfectly! Wish I had done this sooner!

- Michelle Tsang, April 2018

Everyone was pleasant, helpful and respectful. They make you feel like the only patient before, during and after your procedure. Also, I’m now seeing 20/15! Thank you Avant LASIK Spa!

- Carol, April 2014

I had LASIK at Avant and within 24 hours I was seeing better and clearer than I ever had with contacts and glasses. It was pain free and over before I even knew it!

- R., April 2014

After LASIK I could truly see the world like I never have before. My vision is better than 20/20 and deciding to have LASIK was the best decision of my life.

- Janet, April 2014

Very happy with my vision now. I was able to see within five hours after LASIK and recovered fully in 48 hours. The whole process went smoothly overall & happy with the doctors and staff. Thanks!

- Carol, April 2014

Avant LASIK Center is a very welcoming atmosphere, all of the staff made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. The laser surgery was un-invasive and over quickly. I would highly recommend the procedure for anyone at this location.

- Sean, September 2013

This is long overdue but I have been wanting to share how much I love the LASIK surgery that I had done last fall. I have been wearing glasses forever since I was 12 years old. I had a hard time with contacts. I never thought I was a candidate for the surgery as I had a stigmatism. But Dr. Sheth told me differently. The surgery was easy and quick and so was the recovery. I feel like a new person and love that I don’t need any glasses or contacts. It is complete freedom.

- Joanne, October 2012

I would like to thank Dr. Sheth for my new eyes. I waited a year to write this letter because I thought it was too good to be true. I kept thinking I would wake and have blurry vision, but my vision is perfect day and night every single time I open my eyes. I flew to Boston from South Carolina for PRK vision correction surgery with Dr. Sheth. The PRK surgery took less than 2 min and it was painless. I could see better right away and after a month I could see perfect.

- Mark (Structural Engineer)

As someone who manages a very busy medical practice, I have very high expectations for the healthcare I receive. Avant LASIK Spa exceeded those expectations in every way. From the moment you walk, you are greeted by a warm front desk representative. Wait times were non-existent (they took me back immediately) and moved me quickly throughout my care (not rushing me, but moving at a good pace). They accommodated my busy work schedule and answered all questions and concerns I had. The procedure was quick and painless and I woke up the next morning with 20/15 vision. Avant LASIK Spa gives A+ care and I would highly recommend Dr. Sheth and his medical team to anyone looking to perfect their vision!

- Catherine, February 2014

Dr. Sheth performed my LASIK eye surgery 10 days ago, and my experience was excellent. I was apprehensive about the risks going into the procedure but Dr. Sheth accommodated my request to review everything I could expect and I was put at ease. The next day I felt well enough to drive and I can see 20/20 Yes! Really if I’d known it would be so successful, I’d have done it years ago and saved myself the annoyance of contacts, tired eyes and wishing I could see and swim at the same time! (well, swimming is not recommended yet, but I am looking forward to being able to!)

- Kelli, January 2013
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