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Flex Plans for LASIK

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Flex plan for lasik

Flex Plan & Healthcare Savings Accounts

Many companies offer a flexible benefit plan (sometimes called a “Flex Plan” or “cafeteria plan”) or healthcare savings account, which allows you to use pre-tax dollars towards medical expenses not covered by insurance, including LASIK. Taking advantage of the flex plan benefit can save you up to 30% on vision-freeing LASIK at Avant LASIK Spa.

However, FSA’s are a “use it or lose it” benefit. All the money set aside in the account has to be used within that year or is forfeited.

But the best part is you can use any amount towards LASIK, whether it is $100 or $2,000. So if you are looking to spend your remaining flex plan dollars for the year, LASIK can be a great choice. Thinking of having LASIK next year? Avant LASIK Spa recommends coming in for a FREE consultation to find out if you are a candidate before you allocate your dollars.Talk with your employer’s human resources department about your company’s FSA.

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Avant LASIK Spa has developed an open-access policy allowing outside ophthalmologists to perform surgeries within our surgery center. If you are a refractive surgeon interested in using this option, please contact our Center Director at 781-281-7950.
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