Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Everyone was pleasant, helpful and respectful. They make you feel like the only patient before, during and after your procedure. Also, I’m now seeing 20/15! Thank you Avant Lasik Spa!

- Carol, April 2014

I had LASIK at Avant and within 24 hours I was seeing better and clearer than I ever had with contacts and glasses. It was pain free and over before I even knew it!

- R., April 2014

After LASIK I could truly see the world like I never have before. My vision is better than 20/20 and deciding to have LASIK was the best decision of my life.

- Janet, April 2014

Very happy with my vision now. I was able to see within five hours after LASIK and recovered fully in 48 hours. The whole process went smoothly overall & happy with the doctors and staff. Thanks!

- Carol, April 2014

Avant Lasik Center is a very welcoming atmosphere, all of the staff made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. The laser surgery was un-invasive and over quickly. I would highly recommend the procedure for anyone at this location.

- Sean, September 2013

This is long overdue but I have been wanting to share how much I love the lasik surgery that I had done last fall. I have been wearing glasses forever since I was 12 years old. I had a hard time with contacts. I never thought I was a candidate for the surgery as I had a stigmatism. But Dr. Sheth told me differently. The surgery was easy and quick and so was the recovery. I feel like a new person and love that I don’t need any glasses or contacts. It is complete freedom.

- Joanne, October 2012

I would like to thank Dr. Sheth for my new eyes. I waited a year to write this letter because I thought it was too good to be true. I kept thinking I would wake and have blurry vision, but my vision is perfect day and night every single time I open my eyes. I flew to Boston from South Carolina for PRK vision correction surgery with Dr. Sheth. The PRK surgery took less than 2 min and it was painless. I could see better right away and after a month I could see perfect.

- Mark (Structural Engineer)

As someone who manages a very busy medical practice, I have very high expectations for the healthcare I receive. Avant Lasik Spa exceeded those expectations in every way. From the moment you walk, you are greeted by a warm front desk representative. Wait times were non-existent (they took me back immediately) and moved me quickly throughout my care (not rushing me, but moving at a good pace). They accommodated my busy work schedule and answered all questions and concerns I had. The procedure was quick and painless and I woke up the next morning with 20/15 vision. Avant Lasik Spa gives A+ care and I would highly recommend Dr. Sheth and his medical team to anyone looking to perfect their vision!

- Catherine, February 2014

Dr. Sheth performed my LASIK eye surgery 10 days ago, and my experience was excellent. I was apprehensive about the risks going into the procedure but Dr. Sheth accommodated my request to review everything I could expect and I was put at ease. The next day I felt well enough to drive and I can see 20/20 Yes! Really if I’d known it would be so successful, I’d have done it years ago and saved myself the annoyance of contacts, tired eyes and wishing I could see and swim at the same time! (well, swimming is not recommended yet, but I am looking forward to being able to!)

- Kelli, January 2013

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